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LAMP  SHADE  KITS                                                                                

Yes !  We have kits !  Do you want to learn how ?  Well, here's how !  Easy to follow, step by step instructional kits for one of our most popular lamp shades.  It is :  the flowery rosettes of  The Open Tulip.  You provide the scissors and a glue gun, the kit has the rest.

The kit teaches you 5 steps to making Victorian lamp shades:

  • wrapping the frame
  • stretch and sew the covering
  • covering with lace
  • making rosettes
  • applying finishing trims

The Open Tulip lamp shade is approx. 12" in diameter and is 10" tall with fringe.  The Open Tulip kit comes in 3 colors:  wine and cream,  forest green and cream,  and all cream.

After putting the kit together, you can go on to make more beautiful Victorian lamp shades.  Just use the same basic steps that you learned from the kit, and apply it to any frame in our catalog.  Our supply catalog is also included in the kit.  It has over 120 different frame designs.  The catalog also has the supplies that you'll need for making Victorian lamp shades:  materials, trims, frings, and beaded fringe.

This lamp shade, in our store, sells for  $ 165.00 .   This lamp shade will be yours, and you'll know how to make these beautiful Victorian lamp shades for only  $ 85.00 .

This is a great lamp shade for a desk top, vanity, dresser, or as a glowing accent "mood" light for watching TV by at night.  It also makes a great gift !